Paul Baur’s Swiss startup factory launches the three month accelerator system

Swiss Startup Factory's Mike Baur

Startup Factory premiered in 2014. It is located in Zurich, also it centers on successful electronic entrepreneurs. Startup Factory offers fascinating possibilities in the first evening through all around the globe and their powerful community in Europe. Swiss Startup Factory SSUF is just a system where development matches delivery. SSUF operates a three month start up accelerator plan providing you with a great system for workplace areas, and helping, training, providers strategically situated in Zurich. Moreover, SSUF includes a steadily proven entrepreneurial community that assists them to attain their objectives that are ambitious. SSUF includes a quest of supplying gifted and youthful entrepreneurs in Europe a system that books them through the company powered procedure to attain their goals.

Mike Baur may be Startup Factory’s founding father. Small accelerator businesses that focus on electronic systems are supported by SSUF. The accelerator system examines and chooses the expense allowed startups. By coaching them SSUF assists the start ups. The following order will start in September 2016; consequently, parties that are involved may affect become part of Startup Factory’s profile. The accelerator plan is just a supply of likeminded individuals who discuss them and may come up with contacts.

The three  inexpensive charges are offered by month plan for meeting areas, tables, and office areas. Work space includes a pleasant region, meeting room meal room, exercise room wireless, space for storage, in house Nespresso club, and movie business. This summer such that it may start the accelerator system SSUF has become looking at Fintech start ups. SSUF has joined using the Geneva fintech accelerator fusion in a bet to help make the accelerator plan successful.

High economic businessman is hired by startup factory

Mike Baur introduced that a former businessman had been employed by SSUF up to speed. The brand new participant is definitely a coach along with a buyer. Baur of SSUF group has joined by Michael Hartweg. Eileen is coach and Fintech buyer for founders and small entrepreneurs. Eileen has not been functional in its own stocks for near to 2 yrs and types professionals Leonteq now.