Best techniques to speak god’s love languages

What I have discovered that it actually has made a major difference in my relationships with not only understanding myself but in understanding others’ hearts and requirements. This is a summary of the 5 Love Languages of God I use in all of my relationships now consequently. Words of affirmation our words god gives to us are through relationships and through His Word. He edifies us and gives us words of Encouragement. Encouragement words give people value and make them feel good about being who they are, just the way they are. You give them approval without judgment. You give them appreciation and thankfulness. When others feel loved they affirm their love to others through the power of the spoken words in return, making them become their best selves.

is God real

Quality time is all about you and God with a romantic time together sharing your hearts. As we do so with Him we will draw others to us to do the same. Others will do not hesitate to open up their hearts and share with us their most intimate secrets. Our quality time is all about us growing relationships with God and with other people. True Christianity is all about relationships, spending time together, going out, hanging out and breaking bread together. You are a part of each other’s lives. Quality time spent with your Heavenly Father is what all Christians should try to do, which makes that time spent, the middle of every day and aside from life. As we attempt to do this we feel closely connected to God and feel His presence and peace. We only have one life to give and to reside. We want to treat our time on earth respectfully and gratefully rather than waste our time on those who do not need to listen to wise counsel nor listen to God’s Words spoken. Wasting our time together with scorners can never be recalled.

When we give our time, talents and experience to other people our lives take on significance and fruitfulness. God is the terrific Gift Giver and we are to be precisely the same. For those whose primary love language is gifts means that they think of God as being the Giver of Great gifts. Giving to others to people who cannot always provide for themselves brings us near God. For those whose primary love language is gifts, this is a means of life. Gift givers always strive to seek out others to bless. Gift givers see themselves as a manifestation is God real love through themselves. When a believer has this mindset his desire is to get so that he can give to others. When we give gifts to other people it is not based upon the functioning of the individual, or what that person has done for us, but instead the stream from our love for the Father to that individual at a heart of grace.